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Are you ready to make a better tomorrow?

Welcome to Make a Way Psychology Based Services where we provide therapeutic and professional services designed to assist you or your company find a way toward the outcomes you desire.


The first step is all you need to start a journey!

I'm glad you are here! There is healing and power on the other side of this journey!



Meet the Owner!

Mandilyn has been a licensed clinical trauma therapist, for over 10 years and throughout that time she has utilized her skills to expand beyond the clinical space. In addition to being a licensed counselor in Illinois and Michigan Mandilyn is also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the International Coaching Federation, a Clinically Certified Trauma Professional (CCTP), trauma-informed trainer, consultant, clinical supervisor, and crisis manager.

Mandilyn's background in psychology has been at the heart of each of these areas of service. Whether it is by becoming a better leader, serving students better, or just being able to see a path where they once believed there wasn’t one Mandilyn utilizes evidenced based strategies to help individuals, groups, and organizations to find ways to achieve their goals.

-Mandilyn Graham, MA, LCP, CCTP, CPC

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Which service is right for me?

Make a Way Psychology-Based Services offers a variety of services including individual and group therapy, professional trainings, clinical supervision, individual and group coaching, workshops and more. Click below to schedule a consultation call to chat more about which service may be best fit your needs.



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You are not  alone!

Ready to Love.
a 6- week course!

"Ready to love"is a 6 week group therapy intensive designed to help you learn to recognize and accept healthy love after leave an unhealthy, toxic, or emotionally abusive relationship

If you have been able to move on from unhealthy relationships and wondering how to recognize and operate in a healthier space for love this group is for you.

Topics Include:


  • Green Flags

  • Knowing and Accepting the love you deserve

  • Healthy conflict

  • Breaking Generational Patterns

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